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Bridal Veil Falls, Leura

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Bridal Veil Falls - Leura

Bridal Veil Falls can be seen from many different tracks and almost a 360 degree angle.

Top, bottom and left side
From the Leura Cascade picnic area follow the Leura Cascades track. It is an easy set of steps down and most of it has hand rails. After crossing the foot bridge at the bottom of the cascade turn left and continue downstream until you reach the top of Bridal Veil Falls. There are two different lookouts here for different top angles. On the right take the steel stairs up the cliff side and continue following the track. On the left fork there is another lookout for a left view and a set of steps to go steeply down to the bottom of the falls. On the right fork you are following the round track where you come to another lookout for a left frontal view. This track will lead back up the cliff and back around to the park or you can backtrack where you came from.

Right and frontal view from Bridal Veil Falls Lookout
Going down the same path towards Leura Cascades but turning left up the Gordon Falls track instead of descending with the waters. This track is a little more physical as you will be climbing up the cliff side and around to the lookout. At a fork on the top of the cliffside don’t follow the Gordon Falls sign but take a right to the Bridal Veil Falls Lookout. As you walk this path look for glimpses of the falls through the brush and trees. At the top of the cliff you will descend down metal stairs to a full frontal view of the falls. These stairs are literally hanging on the edge of the rock face and you feel like you are floating above the valley below. You can retrace your steps back, cut through the bush back to the road or continue on to Gordon Falls.

Either direction you get great sites and a taste of the Aussie bush. All the trails are manmade with some better cared for than others. Both of these walks are popular so they are maintained well. The cascades walk is a bit more crowded with it being an easier haul and most known. But once you head further on the round track you will lose most of the people and have it all to yourself. There are many other interesting things to see along these walks. Overhanging rocks with benches to sit on underneath, plenty of places to stop and rest or just relax.

Flying Fox Lookout off Cliff Drive is supposed to be another vantage point of the Falls, but I haven’t been that direction yet.

The stairs to the base of the falls leads to the valley and across to Katoomba’s Echo Point. These trails lead in all kinds of directions. Echo Point has an information centre with maps of all the local trails and where you can lead off and discover. The NSW National Forestry Service also has information and can tell you if the weather will be any danger to your travels.

Take plenty of water with you. We usually take a backpack with lunch and such too and make a whole day of a track. It is a great escape from town or city life and nature can fill you with great peace. [more ]

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Bridal Veil Falls Leura
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