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St. Gallus Church , Niebüll

5.0 stars


St. Gallus Church is almost all red

St. Gallus Church is located at Neugalmsbüll, Niebüll (north part of Germany). In the very north part of Germany which is at the border of Denmark has many cute names of the small towns with the ending of “bull” like Niebüll, Klanxbüll, Horsbüll, Emmelsbüll, Galmsbüll, Maasbüll, Klixbüll, Seebüll, Bosbüll, Sprakebüll, Wallsbüll, Schnatebüll and so on. If you ask me why, I also don’t know. St. Gallus Church has a great influence of Danish architecture. Blood red bricks on the both sides of the church and fading away maroon red on the front bricks make St. Gallus Church easy to recognize from far away. The combination of vivid red in the asides and cozy red in the front makes St. Gallus Church different from other churches. Most of churches in Germany are with green bronze roof, but St. Gallus Church has a lot of zigzag patterns on the rooftop with light gray, dark gray and grayish red combination. If you are at Niebüll, you should pay a visit to St. Gallus church. [more ]

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