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Yasawas Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your Yasawas vacation

Long Beach, Matacawalewu 5 stars
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Long Beach is just some straw huts on a long beach. The island, Matacawalewu, is quite big and also has a small village on the other side. Within a 45 minute walk you can reach the village (you pay two dollars to visit it). On Matacawalewu itself is not much to do – it’s pure island life – swimming, fishing, snorkelling, sunbathing… not much partying either, there are maybe 20 tourists there during peak season, and a bunch of people who cook island food and maintain the huts! It is a real different life – no streets, no cars, just boats, your dinner is fresh from the ocean, the generator is shut off at 8 or 9 pm – you live the rhythm of nature. But! They have a TV and a DVD player!


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