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Boracay Island

4.0 stars


Going Home

I had a one-week vacation in Boracay but it seemed like the time frame was so short. Truly, time flies when you are having fun. Not only did I have fun in this island, I also had a blast of memorable experiences with my family. Honestly, my Boracay trip with my family was an opportunity for us to bond together. So, I was thankful for it. That is one good thing about a getaway, especially about a beach trip. It could be an escape for yourself alone to find serenity or a trip that will strengthen your family bond.

Going home was just as easy as going to the island From D’ Mall, just get a tricycle to the port. Then, get a boat ticket there to Caticlan. Remember, you need to pay a terminal fee which is around a dollar. From the Caticlan port, you need another tricycle to get to the airport. And, that’s it! Before you know it, you are back in Manila. [more ]

Souvenir Shopping

If you don’t know where to go, you will end up buying expensive Boracay souvenirs. The island beach proper is full of souvenir shops anywhere that sell dresses, shorts, shirts, displays, key chains, cell phone accessories, pen holders, and a lot more. But if you will follow my advice, you will have the most affordable souvenir shopping ever!

All great finds in Boracay are in the market, which is located just at the back of the restaurants. You simply need to exercise a bit to get to this shopping place. In this market, the price of cell phone accessories is 100Php for six pieces. One surfing board pen holder is 100-150Php or less than a hundred pesos if you’ll haggle more. My favorite shop is the boutique that sells a variety of products made of Capiz shells—picture frame, chimes, lamps, and more. Shirts are also common souvenirs, and they cost 150Php for two shirts. See? For 500Php or roughly $13, you can buy a lot of keepsakes already! [more ]

Boracay at Night

Anyone will say that Boracay is not complete without the bars and clubs along its shore. Yes, that’s right! In fact, Boracay is home to different island pubs located just along the seashore. These pubs offer a wide array of island drinks. They also serve beers and tequilas but if I were you, I would go for the local drinks like “lambanog.” You can get other kinds of local drinks aside from “lambanog,” just tell the bar tender. Finger foods like calamares, prawns, and chips are also available.

Boracay never sleeps at night; I tell you. If you have exhausted yourself too much during the day, brace yourself for more excitement at night. With your friends, you can drink at a bar or have a picnic at the shore since it’s low tide and chill. But if you’re alone, that’s when the real excitement comes in. Meet new strangers and meet new friends! Who knows? You might find yourself in a romantic Boracay love story. [more ]

Day Activities

Having a vacation in Boracay does not only mean swimming at the beach or bumming in an airconditioned hotel. A Boracay trip means a lot of day activities.

The top one activity is island hopping. For only 1,500Php to 2,000Php for seven pax, you can enjoy going around the Boracay island, to Crystal Cave, and Crocodile Island. Snorkeling is also included in this activity, and a snorkeling gear costs 200Php. For those who don’t like snorkeling too much, there’s a glass-bottom boat where you can ride on. Here, you’ll have an underwater view while on a boat. No need to get wet, of course!

In the afternoon, after exhausting yourself in island hopping, you can relax your way out by sailing which costs 150Php per person. My tip is you go sailing at around 5:00 p.m.—just the right time for sunset. Ooh! Romantic! If you are looking for a more thrilling adventure, you can go diving, ride a banana boat for 250Php, or parasail for around 2,500Php.

If you’re too tired to do anything in your life at the beach, simply sit on the sand, quietly watch people go by, and chill as the sun seemingly hides behind the ocean. [more ]

Food in the Island

I’m sure you won’t bring a packed lunch in Boracay, will you? Don’t even think about it because you will just waste the food. Going to this kind of trip doesn’t need a packed lunch. If you are hungry, all you need to do is either summon a room service in your hotel or better yet go to D’ Mall and scour for cheap restaurants. What my family did was the latter, of course, because the food in the hotel was really expensive.

Food in the island varies but most of the restaurants serve seafood. The style, usually, is you will choose what you want to eat from a tray of raw seafood and the restaurant will cook it for you. For an order that serves a family of three to four members, the price is around $20. You will also find a lot of buffet-style restaurants here which cost around $9 each. But if you are thrifty like me, you’ll follow my advice: go to D’ Mall market side and find a small eatery there. I suggest you go to Jeju Restaurant. It serves “bulalo” and other Filipino cuisines with prices ranging from a $1 to $3. You can also order from these restaurants and take it to your hotel room. Just keep it from the guards because hotels don’t usually allow food (from outside the hotel) inside. [more ]

Travel Time

There are different airlines that fly to Boracay which also have various prices. Seair, Asian Spirit, Air Philippines, and Cebu Pacific are just among those airlines. For foreign tourists, the first two are the usual choices; but for locals, the options are either Air Philippines or Cebu Pacific. The reason behind that is these two airlines are the cheapest in the country. We only spent around $62 each (Cebu Pacific) going to Caticlan.

Reaching the island was easy. Here’s how: When you arrive at the Caticlan airport, you must get a tricycle heading to the port. Just tell the driver you’re going to Boracay and he’ll know what to do. The tricycle fare is just a dollar at least. From the port, a 30-minute boat ride is all you need to get to the paradise. From the island seaport, get another tricycle to D’ Mall—it’s the heart of the island—or to your hotel. If the driver can’t take you to your hotel, it’s best to go to D’ Mall and call your hotel to fetch you there. [more ]

Top Five Must-Haves for the Trip

Shopping is very important for every trip. I am not imposing that all travelers must shop. What I’m saying here is as a traveler, it is part of your checklist to ensure that everything in your “traveler’s checklist” is complete. And, what you should shop depends on your destination.

Before my trip to Boracay, the number one object in my list is swimwear. And take note, it should be a two-piece swimsuit. Why, of course! Boracay is a place where you can flaunt what you got. Don’t forget to buy two to three swimwears especially if you’ll have a long beach vacation like I did. Aside from that, tanning lotion is important if you want to have a golden sexy tan skin. On the other hand, sunblock lotion is also a must to prevent skin cancer. Slippers are also parts of the list; I’m sure you know why. Lastly, different beach dresses for women or comfy “sando” for men. (“Sando” is a sleeveless, cotton top.)

For my final note: you don’t need to shell out a lot of cash for shopping. Just get what you need and save your money for the trip. Believe me or you’ll regret it. [more ]

Prep Time

Having a week-long vacation takes a lot of preparation. First , you need to ensure your hotel; second, your ticket; third, your food there; fourth, your pocket money or your budget for the entire week; and lastly and most importantly, you must assure that you have done all your work. Well, I had a hard time on the last one. Believe it or not, I was not able to sleep the day before our trip because I was working. I was cramming for my deadline because I knew I would have a hard time finding a cheap internet in Boracay. Besides, I don’t have a laptop where I can work. So my only advice here is: if you want to escape from the pressure of work, make sure you have done everything ahead of your deadline. [more ]

Hotel and Ticket Reservation

Since my whole family—which is composed of seven pax—was going, saving money was near the impossible. Let’s talk about the hotel first. Reserving for a hotel was not difficult for us because we are a member of an exclusive hotel, Club Panoly, which has a Boracay branch. But even if you are not a member of such a hotel, you can still find a good accommodation for your getaway.

Boracay offers a lot of hotels—from five-star to low-rated hotels. The regular and ordinary accommodation price in the island is 1,500Php a night. So if you just want to enjoy the beach and don’t care much about luxury, get this kind of lodging.

On the other end, let’s talk about ticket reservation. It is always important to scour for cheap tickets especially if you are in a group. My advice is find a trusted travel agency that ensures a safe and cheap travel for you. [more ]

Boracay Island Trip

I know there are a lot of reviews about Boracay already, but who can resist writing about it? Certainly, not me! That’s why I am writing another review about this place, and I will try to say something that has never been said before. Swear!

As everyone knows very well, Boracay is a paradise. It is the jewel of the Philippines because of its fine, powdery, white sand and crystal clear water. For me, Boracay is not for people who are looking for peace. Just along its shore, the bars and clubs never sleep regardless of what time. The beach never sleeps as well because it keeps on luring people to swim. Having said that, Boracay is for the adventurous travelers. Why? Let the travel time alone answer the question. [more ]

Where are the beach bargains?

Hmmm, it's a tough call where the best bargains are in Boracay beach area. Most tourists would head over the great outdoor shopping complex called D' Mall since the food and shopping places are all there, right next to each other! You can eat and shop and get a tan at the same time. D'Mall is in Station Two.

If we go by price, I'd definitely say that if you take the trouble to walk all the way to the less commercial areas in Station Three (yup, where the families stay) not only will you get better water and less crowds, but you'll also get the same goods like sari's and shell necklaces and earrings at lower prices from the street sellers who obviously make these items themselves! [more ]

From the airport to Boracay island

I’m pretty bad with numbers when we travel especially with planning ahead. So it helps that I’ve tried to overcompensate for this problem by writing everything down in advance and anticipating how much things will cost. On my first trip to Boracay after I got off the plane at Caticlan airport little did I know that I actually had to take a boat and go by sea to the island

So a little tip to travelers. If you want to go to Boracay Island remember that you need to take the ferry first once you exit the Airport at Caticlan. And when you get to the ferry port area, you have to remember you have to pay a few things. There is a 50 pesos environmental fee to protect the area’s ecosystem. Then there is a terminal fee for the port authorities at 20 pesos. There is also the cost of the ferry from Caticlan to Cabgan in Boracay that brings you to the island at around 20 pesos also. [more ]

Why Boracays Beaches are such a HIT!

Other than the great view of the sunset in the waters and the pristine white sand beach on the island, I think what makes Boracay one of those perfect getaway places kind of like the island on TV where people's wishes are granted to a certain extent are 2 things else.

There's the fact that all kinds of people are welcome! And I've been to Boracay or "Bora" to the locals with friends, people from the office on training and even some family members with their own little kids in tow. It's super friendly no matter what your idea of a getaway is.

Next is that there is a whole lotta stuff to do! The list is also friendly for the lazy beach person getting the perfect tan to the water sports enthusiast like me! [more ]

One of the BEST BEACHES in the world!

In case you're a total beach person and want to check out where people think you should be headed on your next vacation, one thing I saw that's pretty is cool is at Yahoo Travel that has like a rating of best beaches. From what I know, various people online voted on a poll of sorts to generate this top , best of the best list.

The one in Asia is guess what, on this top 10 list, actually Boracay Island! Why am I not surprised?!! It's gorgeous. The facilities are great and can serve everyone's price range--from the ultra-glamorous, to the party-going gang to the honeymooners, families and even the beach bum wanting to rent a bit of the beach at the cheapest price possible! [more ]

Happy Hour is when the Sun Sets

When is Happy Hour? Basically it's at around 5pm, Boracay Time:)

You can tell even without a watch in two ways! First is the sun setting over the watery horizon. Next would be the throngs of people gathered on the beach front areas, clustered over low wooden or bamboo coffee tables in groups with beers.

If you take a look across the sandy beach and its full to the brim of people then definitely the night has just begun (and beers are dirt cheap!) [more ]

Paraw Boats take Sunset Sailing Places

Across the island waters, on any given part of the day, you'll see from the beach small boats, schooners really, out on the sea with their triangle sails. I love these local boats!!! They really take the wind out of your sails, but can be perfectly calm when you get to the sunset.

If most people count sunset watching/waiting right on the sandy beach, then being in of these paraw boats circle the island lazily is the best way I think to enjoy the magnificent sunset! [more ]

Island Travel Options

When you finally get off the boat and step onto the white sands of Boracay, you realize that you're in a totally different world. Half playground, half natural beauty, it's really a place to see and do things--go party and dance, eat and drink, go parasailing or boating!

But to get to your hotel to the rest of the island you would probably want to consider 3 options:
(1) walking - walking from Station One to Station Three isn't actually bad. The beach itself isn't stretching upon miles and miles so getting a tan and getting around can be done at the exact same time. And most everything you need is within range so no worries.
(2) motorcycle - if you're just alone and want to get around quicker, a motorcycle is a good option.
(3) tricycle - a tricycle is actually a motorcycle with a carriage attached to it on the side to carry more people--great for groups to get around into the markets and such! [more ]

Heavenly Beach Massage

I usually think if I want a great massage, I'll head over to a fancy spa and make an appointment. But in Boracay, the beach is the ultimate spa with the sound of the crashing waves and surf rolling on the shore.

If you see any old ladies with mats walking up and down the beach, chances are, they're the masseuses, old hands in the art of massage. Often they'll give you for a fair price, a massage right on the beach near the breakwaters, in the traditional Filipino style that their grandmothers taught them. I loved mine--you couldn't get closer to nature than this!

And if you'd prefer the western style or other asian styles, then the best bet is to head over to the resorts that line the beach walk and look for their in-house spa! [more ]

Getting to Boracay's White Sand Beaches

Being an island, the only way to get to Boracay is to fly in on a domestic flight, most probably from a major hub like Cebu city or Manila, the capital of the country.

But you have two choices--you can fly into Caticlan, which is a close local airport that leaves you just a boatride away from the island. Or you can fly into Kalibo, Aklan the closest major town there and then head off a bit by land and then by boat the island.

From my experience, going to Caticlan's tiny airport seems the way to go! [more ]

When is Boracay Beach a Bargain?

If you're on a look-out for bargain travels to Boracay Beach, then definitely would be good to stick to this rule. Most locals in the country flock to the gorgeous beach site during the summer months, but mainly on the season called "Holy Week."

"Holy Week" in the country is a long weekend when most urbanites leave city centers for a break close to the cool waters of the sea, right before Easter Sunday on the Christian calendar. Unfortunately it is also the time when the air ticket, hotel prices soar in a place like Boracay with the influx of tourists. My tip would be to travel off-peak--it's quiet, and you'll feel like the whole island is yours at way better prices! [more ]

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