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Zambales, Subic

4.0 stars


Olongapo City

The only city in Zambales, Olongapo, is an adventure on its own. The basic reason to that is Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Subic houses stunning attractions that will keep you busy day in and day out. It has every thing any kind of traveler would surely appreciate.

Subic has a host of establishments that are out to please excited children and daring adults alike. It has casinos, resorts, hotels, beaches, theme parks, shops, restaurants, and every thing else in between.

For Subic and Olongapo City alone, Zambales is a pretty amazing destination. If you add that to the fact that the 13 other municipalities showcase attractions of their own, you will probably need to extend your stay more than you imagined! [more ]

The Hospitable Hosts

Zambales makes for a wonderful journey not just because it is such a charming place with lots of different adventures on offer. The locals, who are hospitable as Filipinos can be, make the trip even more meaningful. Zambaleños always have a ready smile to greet anyone they come upon. That is why taking a trip to Zambales during the feast months is a little more exciting.

Mango Festival, which is held every April, is one of the happiest and sweetest fiestas there is. During the time of the festival, fun is everywhere at Iba, the provincial capital. Week-long parties, float parade, and all-out dancing are the best features that any fun-loving individual must look out for. [more ]

Zambales Beaches

Before Mount Pinatubo came to the picture, Zambales is best known for its stunning beaches. The sand, the sea, and the sun are best enjoyed when you are bold enough to explore.

Zambales boasts of many islands that are out to captivate. Each has its own set of allures that you will surely find irresistible.

To ensure that the gifts of nature are well-taken cared of, Zambaleños put up all types of accommodations to suit every traveler’s need for comfort. The resorts and hotels found along the coastline are definitely the best choices. They keep you close to the most picturesque views that you will never find elsewhere. And oh, do not forget to experience the sunset! [more ]

How to get there

Zambales has been a favorite travel destination. The primary reason for that is it is very accessible from the country’s capital. It is about 210 kilometers away from Manila and can be reached through every kind of transportation there is – land, air, water. Previous visitors, however, would not exchange a long road trip to Zambales for anything. It is not as tiring because the scenic views from the highway are more than enough to keep you company. The drive to your destination easily becomes an adventure in itself!

Take the three-hour road trip to Zambales. It is the best way to start up an adventure of a lifetime! [more ]


My first trip to Zambales was about a couple of years before the Mount Pinatubo eruption. At that time, lahar formations, which are now an attraction on their own right, are nowhere to be found. Zambales was then a pure sight of beauty with white, sandy, blue water beaches, scenic highways, and yummy delicacies.

Some years after the traumatic experience with Mt. Pinatubo, Zambales is again in all force, offering beauty that is world class. Rightfully so, people from all over the world are seen taking the trip. You, too, should not miss any of Zambales gems! Pack your bags now and go to Zambales for a quick but meaningful adventure! [more ]

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