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Kamari , Thíra

4.0 stars


The beautiful black sands of Kamari beach

Kamari is a beautiful black sand beach on the island of Santorini. During the summer, the beach gets crowded with visitors. There are lines of cafes and tables for diners along the beach, most of which are only open during the tourist season. So if you go in the off-season, like we did, you’ll have to do some hunting (figuratively!) for food.

Again, in the off season, buses run to Kamari from Fira on the other side of the island every hour. During summer, they run much more frequently. It takes about 20 minutes or so to get there.

The beach itself is stunning. There are high rock cliffs to one side, and the other direction lies a long stretch of dark, volcanic rock beach. I would highly recommend it in the off-season, if you prefer relaxation over crowds of people. You will practically have the beach to yourself. The water will be cool, too cold for swimming, but not bad for wading. The water is clean and clear. [more ]

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