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Piazza San Carlo, Turin

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Piazza San Carlo

Baroque, elegant, and expansive, Piazza San Carlo is the main hub of
Torino. For good reason, as well--in the baroque capital of Italy,
you'll see some of the best examples of architecture from that period
here. The 2006 Olympics also meant that the city has especially
cleaned itself up, and this piazza got the brunt of the beauty. If
you're a photographer (or just someone who appreciates a good view),
come to San Carlo, enjoy a cappuccino or two, and peek into the twin
churches of San Carlo and Santa Cristina. They're especially beautiful
this time of year with the generous snowfalls. [more ]

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Piazza San Carlo Turin Torino Piazza San Carlo Torino Piazza San Carlo Torino Piazza San Carlo Torino Piazza San Carlo
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