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Vapiano , Vienna

5.0 stars


Technology + Italian = Eccelente!!

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Vapiano, a Pizza and Pasta Bar. Now, there's nothing usually memorable about an Italian restaurant unless they've hand-picked and pressed the olive oil themselves...but at Vapiano, well....

Despite the fact that the food was delicious and beautifully prepared -- who knew you could combine white beans, spicy Italian sausage, red onions, cheese, and call it a Mexican pizza....not to mention the fabulous explosion of flavors in your mouth that come from this combination -- the entire dining experience was entirely delightful! Never before has self-service been so enjoyable.

You start off by receiving a "credit" card that is your pass for ordering all food. There are several stations -- pastas, salads, pizzas, antipastas, desserts, drinks. At each station there are menus and daily specials. Now comes the fun part...such a small thing, but you take your card and swipe it on a little red button on top of the computer at each station. Your card keeps track of everything you order and as you leave at the end of the night they simply swipe it, you pay, and off you go!

Like I said, such a small thing, but so convenient to not have to take all your food -- while you wrestle with your tray, not spilling your drink, and your overflowing wallet -- and stand in a poky line to pay for it by the cash register. In addition, this is no cafeteria food, but gourmet, economical Italian, complete with fresh herbs (basil and rosemary on ours) growing on each table for your picking pleasure.

Its technology meets dining! [more ]

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