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Auberge du Sud, Merzouga

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Sahara dunes, Merzouga, Auberge du Sud

When I visited the dunes of Erg Chebbi, in the West most part of the Sahara, near the Morocco-Algeria border, I stayed at the village of Merzouga’s Auberge du Sud.

Before you reach Merzouga you will have to turn left, coming from Erfoud – and enter a dusty dirty “road”…totally dark…

Drive slowly if not having a 4x4 car, since there are many rocks on the way.

Auberge du Sud stays at: 31 deg 12.602 ‘ N, 4 deg 01.430 W, if using a GPS!! That is the best way to find it!!

The people at Auberge du Sud were very kind and the mood is great – you can also have meals there and music is always playing, of Berber and Tuareg styles.

Facilities are minimal – beds are hard as rock. Auberge is done of adobe, so it can get really cold at night too. In all a great experience though – since you are at the edge of the dunes!! [more ]

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Auberge du Sud Merzouga
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