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Olympia (sanctuary), Archaía Olympía

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The trip to Olympia was great from all points of view. As you might expect, it was very crowded with tourists, but my friends and I really enjoyed ourselves. We didn’t see many of those people that try to sell you things you don’t need or service you have no use of, like we saw in Athens. The Olympia site is a real must for anyone that visits Greece. There are many guards on the site so you can’t possibly touch anything, because they can get really upset. The Olympia village is lovely and also worth a visit. The centre is mainly made of narrow streets with small cafes, so there’s practically nothing else to see here other than the Olympia site and the Museum of Archaeology. [more ]

The Temple of Hera

While in Olympia, we also visited the temple of Goddess Hera. This temple was not as impressive as the temple of Zeus, but it’s also worth taking a look. Some of the columns from the temple still stand, even if the temple was built around the 7th Century before Christ. The temple was made of wood at the beginning but it seems that some of the parts were made of stone. There used to be statues of Hera and Zeus, but they are obviously not there anymore. The temple is to be found in the Olympia site and it also contains the altar where the Olympic flame is lit up. [more ]

Olympic Games Museum

I’m not really a sports fan, but I have always enjoyed watching the Olympic Games. Of course, for those really interested in sports and this famous competition, the visit to the Museum of the Olympic Games will be a great activity. I also visited is because the boys in our group wouldn’t leave until they saw it. I didn’t regret visiting it, as it is also very interesting from a historical point of view. They have many items on display, from all the editions of the Olympic games. You get to almost anything you can think of in terms of sport competitions. It’s really worth visiting. [more ]

The stadium

The stadium of Olympia is where the Greeks started to organize the Olympic Games. Do not expect to see a huge stadium the size of a roman amphitheatre, because in those times, people were just competing by running. So what you get to see is a long and wide track where they used to race. We also saw the finish and start lines, for both women and men. Women didn’t take part in the Olympic games, but organized games just for themselves. Of course it holds a very important significance for the world today, so I’d say it’s worth paying it a visit. In the temple of Hera you may visit the place where the Olympic torch is lit every four years and passed from hand to hand. [more ]

Archaeological museum

Whenever you visit Olympia, I suppose you are in search of more information on the Greek mythology. So the best place to go and learn more about that is the Archaeological Museum. It is rather large and hosts several collections. The items displayed in the whole museum date from Archaic and Prehistoric periods and they are really interesting. There are many sculptures and items found in the temple of Zeus from Olympia . There are many other carved stones depicting images from the lives of Zeus. I really suggest visiting this museum, as it contains a lot of information about those ancient times. [more ]

Temple of Zeus

I was really excited to visit Olympia, as I knew this was the town where the statue of Zeus first stood. Of course there is absolutely nothing left of statue, as it was taken to Constantinople a long time ago. Unfortunately, the statue was destroyed. So the only thing that’s left to see in the temple dedicated to Zeus are the ruins and many fallen columns. It is incredible though, how they resisted such a long time and even though they don’t stand anymore, the place is really worth seeing. I really enjoyed my visit there as I love ancient ruins [more ]

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