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Gast - open kitchen, Munich

4.0 stars


Restaurant with a great, different concept

Gast is a restaurant but not in a traditional sense. It has a refreshingly new and different concept. When you walk in, you get a card that you can use to purchase your food and drinks. And then you pay for it when you leave.

Gast is quite a large restaurant which offers plenty of stylish seating and large wooden tables with white bar stools. You will have to get your own food and order your drinks at the bar. The food is very good and freshly cooked for you. You can watch the skilled chefs prepare and cook the food behind large glass screens. They offer a selection of pasta dishes, salads, pizzas and also Asian-style food that is cooked in a large Wok.

You don’t feel like you are in a self-service restaurant as the décor and seating is very modern and stylish. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. I would definitely go there again and I can recommend this place to anyone. It is also great for after-work drinks and dinner or even to go with a large group of people.
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Cafeteria style

There are not many American-style self-serve restaurants in Germany, so Gast is a nice change. It can get very busy, so often you do have to wait a while for your food, but it's great pseudo-Italian food that's worth the wait. It's a combination of cafeteria and buffet, so some things you can just serve yourself, and other things they cook for you while you wait. Nice dining room with modern decor, and a very clean restaurant. The desserts are particularly lovely, and the prices throughout are quite reasonable. [more ]

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