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Minus 5, Auckland

3.0 stars


Drinks And More At Minus 5º

Minus 5º serves a complimentary cocktail made with Absolut vodka (their sponsor). Visitors can have up to 2 additional drinks (for a fee) while in the bar. No more than 3 drinks per person are served due to the affects of the alcohol on the bloodstream at this reduced temperature. The bar itself is made of ice as are the glasses. They put a rubber mat down on the bar before they serve your drink to keep it from sliding off the counter. It is difficult to hold a glass while wearing polar gloves. However, we managed not to spill our drinks. By the way, your lips do not stick to the frozen glasses because of something to do with the purity of the ice and the constant temperature. I asked the guide what was the longest time anyone had stayed inside. He said he thought it was about 2 hours. I definitely would never last that long. I'm from Florida and unused to frigid temperatures. The cold air in my lungs was taking a toll on me. Minus 5º is wheelchair accessible but those using chairs have to come in through Lenin Restaurant and Bar and use their service lift. Lenin is located at Princes Wharf, 201 Quay Street, Auckland Central, Auckland City, NZ. [more ]

Things To Know Before You Go To Minus 5º

The first thing I found out at Minus 5º was that no cameras were allowed. However, the accommodating staff will take your photo inside (I think it was $25 NZD for the photo). The second thing was that visitors are only allowed in for 30 minutes at a time. They have all sizes of cold weather gear and gloves here (but not for children 4 or under). After we were outfitted in our parkas and gloves the guide took us into the bar area. The ice sculptures were amazing-chandeliers, candelabras, Lenin, animals, etc. Evidently they change the sculptures out every month or so to freshen the ice or whatever. I think the exhibits vary somewhat from time to time. They have ice benches in the room with reindeer hides on them. The whole atmosphere of the place is pretty remarkable and worth a look at least one time. [more ]

Frozen Bar Scene At Minus 5º

The last time I was in Auckland I wanted to do something new. I had read about a place called Minus 5º, an exhibition featuring ice sculptures. It was down on the waterfront area. The price when I was there was $30 NZD for adults including the appropriate gear for frigid temperatures and one free cocktail. The price for children under 18 years of age was $15 NZD. Children under 4 aren't admitted because they don't have gear that will fit them. It's a little pricey for a 30 minute tour, but I found a coupon in a visitor's booklet (available at the airport, the Visitor's Centre and most motels) that offered $5 NZD off the admission price. With that in hand we went to the exhibit. We were walking and for us it was a little difficult to find the bar. It's down on Quay Street, at Prince's Wharf, between the area of Gore Street and Tinley Street. For more information or to book tickets on-line go to . Email is Location is 5 Princes Wharf, Auckland City Centre, Auckland City, Auckland, NZ. Telephone is (09)3776702. Fax number is (09)3772640 [more ]

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