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Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, Orzola

4.0 stars


Lanzarote Camel Ride

One of the highlights of a visit to Lanzarote is exploring the volcanic landscape of Timanfaya National Park in the dramatically named Fire Mountains. This eerie moonscape is dramatic and beautiful and better yet you can give in to your inner explorer and take a ride on one of the famous one-humped camels through the desert scenery. Camels are not the most comfortable forms of transport, nor the most friendly animals, but it was a very exciting way to get around and gave my weary feet a break! [more ]

Discovery Explorations at Timanfaya National Park

My brief tour of the Timanfaya National Park in Orzola is what really ignited my interest in the planet’s wildlife and natural wonders. Apart from hosting varied species of fauna and flora, I observed that the national park’s winding landscape is marked by breathtaking views dominated by the stud figure of the famed Fire Mountain. The high number of tourists taking part in excursions with the amazing national park was an adequate testimony to me as to how famous the national park is. My tour of the Timanfaya was truly a discovery mission that changed my perception of bush adventures as being too exacting and I have since learned to participate in tour itineraries whenever I travel abroad. [more ]

Visit to Timanfaya National Park

You can enjoy great views of the stunning Timanfaya Park driving along the Island of Lanzarote, but I recommend a visit to the Timanfaya. Cars entry is only permitted up to the restaurant-pick up bus area. From that point the Timanfaya Park Buses will take you around the volcanoes.
The restaurant cooked their food with the volcanic heat, they had an open barbecue for every one who would like to have a look. We did not eat there but it looked really impressive. Meat cooked with a natural volcanic oven!!! Outside the restaurant there is an open hole where a man throws water and after a few seconds a gueiser comes up, it was so quick I do not have a decent picture to show it! After the burst, they put some hay or dry bushes and immediately caught fire. Just to show how the volcano is still on!!! [more ]

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