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Capitolio, Havana

5.0 stars


El Capitolio

One of the highlights of Havana definitely is the Capitolio. This enormous building is said to be the second tallest building in the city, right after the Bacardi Building and is a very good replica of the Capitol in Washington DC. Well, I haven't seen the one in Washington, but that's what they say. Anyway, this building is located in front of the cetral park. You can't really miss it, but if you do, ask anyone for directions. The building is open to the public, but you can't really see much, as the rooms are all closed. If you're lucky, you'll find someone who works there that has the keys and can open the rooms for you. I wasn't that lucky and I didn't want to wait longer, so I walked a little around the building and left. [more ]

The Capitol twin

El Capitiolio in Havana was a big surprise. It so much reminds of The Capitol in Washington. Of course this is not the unique form and one can probably find hundreds of similarly formed constructions, especially Cathedrals. But this one looks so much like the intention was to say: "Hey look, we have one too!". The architect though states that he was inspired by the Pantheon in Paris. I am sure there will be also many obvious differences if to put two Capitols together.
After all it is a beautiful, impressive building, standing proudly on the street with a nice garden in front of it. [more ]

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