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El Floritida, Havana

4.0 stars


El Floridita

One of the bars you have to visit while in Havana is Ël Floridita. At least that's what everybody says. We went there our third night in Havana, looking forward to try some of their very famous daiquiris. The bar is very elegant and there are pictures of Hemingway and other famous people all over the walls. The atmosphere is nice even if it tends to get overcrowded. I wasn't really happy with the prices, as it was very expensive, but it's a one in a lifetime opportunity, so we thought it was worth it. What we also disliked was that it took them very long to process your order, even if they over-apologized after bringing you the drink. I think it's worth visiting, but definitely not a must-see. [more ]

El Floritida, great atmosphere

I ate at this restaurant once in my week long stay in Old Havana. I was going to skip it, but then I felt like I would have been missing something as it was very trendy and popular.

The service was okay but nothing special especially for the prices paid, which were about double the normal price in Havana.

What made this restaurant neat for me was that there was a statue of Hemingway looking all thoughtful in the corner. I think he was resting his chin on his head. As a bit of a fan, I decided to snap a photo.

Other than that novelty it was just a pretty good restaurant, but there was another one just down the street that was a lot better for food prices. The one down the street also had a band that played and danced each night. For the life of me, I can't really remember its name though...sorry.

El Floritida was the type of place that would mainly be enjoyable if you are into the Latin music culture and if you had a good table with a lot friends. Don't really go there for the food and drinks which are expensive, but go if you are looking for a place with a great atmosphere and are willing to pay for it. [more ]

Daiquiri, Hemingway and Floridita

In the heart of busy Old Havana we found the famous bar Floridita. According to the legend this is the very bar, where Hamingway used to hang out all the time and drink cocktails. Though our local tour guide had some doubts that it was the only place where famous writer was spending his time.
It is packed with tourist, but still didn't loose the original charm. The interior is quite elegant and warm. There is a full human size staue of golden Hamingway at the bar.
Prices are high but cocktails are amazing. They have a great choice of Daiquiris. I didn't know there are so many kinds of them. Bubble Gum Daiquiri was delicious. [more ]

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El Floritida Havana
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