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Plaza de la Revolucion, Havana

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Plaza of the Revolucion

In Havana there is a red tour bus with on and off priveleges that does a loop around all the interesting points. You can catch it from downtown and it only costs like $5-$6. As part of your day you can visit the Plaza of the Revolution.

It is a noteworthy spot because it is the site of political demonstrations and historical speeches by Castro.

Do not expect a ton here though, because there were no nearby markets or anything like that. It is just a photo spot with a large monument and Che Guvera on the side of the hotel as well. If you are expecting something like Trafalgar Square in London, forget about it because the Plaza of the Revolucion was relatively banal.

It was worth it for me to visit there for a short time. [more ]

Plaza de la Revolucion

Plaza de la Revolucion is not really located in Old Havana, but pretty close to it. This square is enormous and it is said to be one of the largest plazas in the world. It's really beautiful and has many political buildings. The most impressive is the 109 meters memorial to Jose Marti. You can also admire the 18m statue of Jose Marti right in front of the monument. It's lovely to take the elevator and climb to the top. It's inexpensive and really worth it. Just watch out for the opening hours. The plaza also hosts a mural of Che Guevara and other interesting highlights. It's a real must-see while in Havana. [more ]

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