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Careme Bistro, Rio de Janeiro

4.0 stars


Carame Bistro

The female chef here, Flavia Quaresma, is something of a national celebrity in Rio - popping up all over the TV cooking up all manner of treats. She still finds the time to work in the kitchen here though, and although it's expensive the food really is very good. It's a tiny little place serving French cuisine (yes, coq au vin is on the menu) and a good place to come for an anniversary meal or other special occasion as it's quite a romantic spot. The restaurant is in Botafogo, at Rua VIsconde de Caravelas 113. [more ]

Great food, celebrity chef!

If the head chef at Careme Bistro looks familiar, that's probably because you've spotted her on Brazilian TV. Formerly an actress and journalist, she turned her cooking hobby into a career several years ago, and has seen her TV profile rise thanks to her flamboyant personality. But the success of Careme Bistro is down to more than just the fame factor - the food and ambience here are both fantastic. The little restaurant successfully recreates the feel of a Parisian bistro, and the food on offer is unusual as well as delicious. Don't miss the soup of cara (North Eastern root vegetable) with coconut, shrimp and mint. Desserts here are good too and have picked up several awards. If you want to sample several dishes on the menu there's a degustation menu available - it's expensive, but deservedly so, at around R$180. [more ]

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