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Eastern Promise, Jakarta

4.0 stars


British Pub and Indian Food Combo

Wandering through the streets of the Kemang district in Jakarta last week, in search of food, I found what I thought was an Indian restaurant. Being a curry-loving Brit this seemed like the perfect choice, but upon stepping inside the doors of the unassuming looking ‘Eastern Promise’ it turned out to be even better than expected, for not only does this place serve curry, but it’s a traditional British pub too! OK, so I know there’s a very valid argument against going for the obvious when abroad, but it’s been a long time since I was in a proper pub and the combination of great food, cold draught Bintang beer and copies of British newspapers kept me very happy for a pleasant couple of hours.

I was there on a Tuesday lunchtime but posters all over the walls advertised some unusual (and tempting) happy hours, such as the ‘Free drinks for all between 6 and 7pm until someone leaves the bar or goes to the bathroom’. Well worth checking out if you’re partying on a budget!

Cost wise, a small draught Bintang was just under 19,000 Rupiahs (about 1GBP) whilst the chicken curry with rice and naan bread worked out at aprox 3.25GBP. [more ]

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