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Pizza Company, Muntinlupa

5.0 stars


Coming Back for More

The cheery, appetizing atmosphere will surely entice you to return to Pizza Company as it has enticed me time and again. Of course, with a price range of $25 for a meal for eight to twelve people, who would not want to go back, right? Plus the superb pizza choices, the fantastic service, the homey ambiance, classy appeal as well as the decadent desserts and thirst-quenching beverages all make up the most wonderful dining experience you could possibly have. I have made many delightful memories in Pizza Company with friends, family, and lovers alike; surely you will, too, once you give this place a try. [more ]

Would that be all?

A highlight of Pizza Company that’s worth noting is their service. It may not seem much, but if you’ve experienced that place as I have, then you’ll notice how the crew really stands out and how their service is something to be remembered. They all have lovely uniforms: a black Brooklynesque appearance for the ladies and velvety casual wear for the men. They are also very polite and helpful – if you leave something behind, for example, they will most certainly alert you and give you back your lost item if they have it. They work fast, too, and you won’t notice the time as you wait for your food because you’ll be too awed by the allure of fire expertly manipulated by their chefs for cooking your meals. [more ]

Satisfy Your Coffee Urge: Indulge!

Ah, so many choices, so little time. (Not to mention so little space left in my tummy for anything else…) But to complete a meal, any decent food critic knows that dessert-drinks are the way to go. Also, it won’t hurt if you add caffeine in the mix to combat the sleepy effects of being full, too, right? So here it is: the delicious beverages of Pizza Company. I suggest the Iced Moccachino above all else – it’s sweet enough to be a dessert, thin enough to be a decent drink, and it has the right amount of caffeine to boost your drowsy system. If coffee doesn’t suit your taste, however, note that they serve other drinks like juices, iced tea, soft drinks and even beer and wine. [more ]

Food for Thought

Pizza Company is absolutely the place that serves the best pizza. The list of my favorite food and the reasons why I love them could fill a whole webpage! I love this place so much that I insist you try it out immediately. And when you get there, here’s the list of my recommended must-eats (Note: I love chicken and seafood so if you’re anything like me, read on!): Seafood Entrée and Chicken Wings for appetizers, Fettuccine Seafood for the pasta, and Apple and Shrimp Slaw for the salad. As for the main course, you can order either the Chicken Trio or the Seafood Cocktail Gourmet Pizza. Don’t forget to customize the crust! [more ]

Pizza Company

When in high end places like Festival Mall in Alabang or Market Market in Taguig, it might seem that one would be unable to satisfy one’s craving for classy gourmet pizza. But fear not! Pizza Company has just answered that problem. Not only do they serve the best pizza in town, they also offer other great and delicious eats like pasta and their one-of-a-kind calzone at a very affordable price. You may have to wait a bit for them to serve your food, since they prepare their meals with only the finest, freshest ingredients, but it also builds the anticipation, and the food items they offer are definitely worth the wait, so come and check this beautiful place out. [more ]

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