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Jed’s Island Resort, Bulacan

3.0 stars


Fun and Convenient

A Jed’s quality vacation is truly worth your penny. The resort is filled with amenities and amazing features that do not only offer entertainment but convenience as well. Take a trip to any where the hanging bridge lead to. Your way of getting to the other side is already an adventure with the hanging bridge’s interesting layout. Down below the bridge, you will get a nice peek to the fishing and boating freshwater lagoon where your every catch is free. You can enjoy fishing while appreciating the scenic view. What’s more, Jed’s Island Resort has a spacious basketball court, flexible function halls, and a wide parking area. If you have got an event to celebrate, do not hesitate to hold it at Jed’s! [more ]

Versatile Accommodations

Jed’s Island Resort has different cottages for different needs. People who like to get close to where the water excitement is can get any of Jed’s Stone Square cottages. Cabana cottages, which can contain at least 10 persons, are ideal for dining groups who like to be in the water more. There are also Stone Octagon cottages, Bamboo cottages, and big, Native cottages for bigger groups who would not be staying for long. If you plan to make a weekend holiday at Jed’s Island Resort, then you can choose from any of the deluxe air-conditioned rooms available. Those rooms are packed with amenities that will keep you entertained for the duration of your stay. [more ]

Jed’s Island Resort

Summer is not yet over. Since the clamor for more water fun has not ended, let us take a look at one of the most delightful resorts in Bulacan – Jed’s Island Resort. The fun never stops in this beautifully crafted all-day, all night deluxe property located along MacArthur Highway in Calumpit, Bulacan.

Jed’s Island Resort boasts of a huge site -- covering over eight hectares of well-tended land. It has a total of eleven swimming pools in different shapes, sizes, and depths for every kind of swimmer. Four of those swimming pools are created for private functions, for groups who like to swim in serene privacy. There is truly no better way to spend summer than in a resort village quite something like Jed’s. [more ]

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