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Hostel Lao, Mendoza

5.0 stars


A little bit of Asia in Mendoza

Run by a British couple and inspired by their travels to South East Asia, Hostel Lao is tastefully decorated with wooden elephants, Thai-style cushions, and other Asian memorabilia, creating a very exotic and cozy interior that is in contrast to the European feel of the rest of Mendoza. Being from South East Asia, I felt very at home in the hostel, and made some great friends while I was there.

The hostel is located less than 10 blocks from the bus station, which makes it super convenient, especially because a lot of tourists come in by bus to Mendoza from Buenos Aires. Our bus out of Mendoza left at 10.30, so we were able to return to the hostel at 10, grab our bags, and still make the bus.

It is also walking distance from the hostel to downtown Mendoza, and if you arrange travel and adventure tours with a travel agent, they will come and pick you up directly from the hostel. Oh, did I mention the service is excellent? If you are looking for a place to stay in Mendoza, this is definitely your pick! [more ]

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