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Solitary Kiosk & Restaurant, Leura

5.0 stars


Solitary Kiosk & Restaurant for a great view and eats

The Solitary Kiosk and Restaurant on Cliff Drive in Leura Falls, NSW is a combination of enjoyment for different tastes.

The Kiosk is an Australian light dining pleasure with an outdoor sitting haven. The cane furniture is spaced far apart so that you have room and a bit of privacy. The views of Jamison Valley are astounding. The garden surrounding the tables is peaceful with the view.

For the inside sitting it is an old building with some of the history and pictures in the opening foyer. They have painted journal entries from the first owner of the restaurant on the wall. There is a great fireplace to warm you by and the tables are covered in paper. They will give a bucket of crayons for the kids to colour on them.

They are open Monday to Friday from 10:00-4:00 and on the weekend and holidays from 9:00-4:00. They are fully licensed, have gluten free and vegetarian options on their menu and prices range from $4.50 to $17.50 with daily specials listed on the board. There is a discount if you are a YHA member or boarder. All cards are welcome.

They are breastfeeding friendly, have high chairs, kid’s menu and plenty of room for prams and wheelchair access.

The Restaurant is Fine Dining A la Carte items with first course running from $19.50-$24.50, second course items from $29.50-$39.50 and desserts at $14.00 to $15.00. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday dinner at 6:30 and Saturday and Sunday lunch at 12:00. They are an award winning restaurant with roasted quail or duck, trio of rabbit and grilled scallops with flying fish roe.

The staff is friendly and helpful and ready to cater to all your needs. I had the greatest coffee there and such a nice time relaxing with the view. It is away from everything (hence the name Solitary) so you don’t have the noise of town. Just below the building is part of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk with stair leading down to some great lookouts in the bush. If you continue to the left of the walk area you will come to the Round Walk that joins the Prince Henry walk, this leads to Bridal Veil Falls and Leura Cascades.

The Explorer Bus and Trolleys make stops here, but it is quite a walk from the town of Leura. It is an enjoyable walk if you are up to it. [more ]

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Solitary Kiosk & Restaurant Leura outdoor sitting area the view from solitary
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