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House of Terror, Budapest

4.0 stars


the House of Terror

The House of Terror was one of the most interesting and informative museums we have ever been to. The House of Terror documents the terror the Hungarians were subjected to under the Nazi regime and then the occupying Soviet forces, right up until Budapest gained its independence. The highlights (if you can call them that) were the start of the exhibtion which showcased a map of Nazi occupation and video clips of the Nazis/Soviets with spooky music in the background. The uniforms that were on display were also a very real reminder of these terrible times. Then the lift exhibtion (I'll leave it to your imagination) was both scary and moving. [more ]

House of Terror Museum

The ticket price to enter the House of Terror Museum in Budapest is pretty expensive, around 1500 Forint per person. Located at Andrassy utca, one certainly will not miss to spot this museum especially since the metal roof had huge letters that say TERROR. The building itself is a very old building and remembering this is a historical building where people were tortured and murdered years back, the building is pretty creepy to my opinion. Inside the museum, there are old, old belongings of the Nazi and the USSR dated hundreds of years ago (well yes, am exaggerating here but the fact is they are really old historical things inside the museum). Outside wall of the building, you will find tons of lined-up black and white small framed pictures of the victims of the house. The good thing if you are an international student, you can get cheaper ticket price however if you only speak English, you need the audio-guide which only means more cash to that. Oh, and by the way, don’t come on Monday as they are closed which we did not know so we had to return there the following day. [more ]

The House of Terror Museum

The House of Terror is among the newest of museums in Budapest and if you are at all interested in twentieth century European history, you should not miss visiting this institution. I first visited the House of Terror in 2002, shortly after it opened, but have been back to visit it again in 2004 and 2006. The museum is located in the building that served as the headquarters of Hungary's Nazis during World War II, and which later became the centre of the country's Communist secret police after 1945. As such, the museum recounts the grim history of both Nazi and Communist brutalities. Perhaps the most powerful aspects of the museum are the reconstructed prison cells and torture chambers, located in the cellar of the building, as well as the controversial "Gallery of Victimizers," a wall with the photos of former state security officials, some of whom are still alive today. The House of Terror truly is a modern, interactive museum. Visitors are able to listen to a variety of audio recordings and can watch a number of video clips and documentaries as they walk through the main exhibit.

Despite the innovative nature of the museum, a major short fall is that its focus is very much on Communist terror, rather than on the Nazi atrocities, when in fact the museum should pay equal attention to both. I found that there was very little to learn about the Holocaust at this museum, as only three out of the 29 exhibition rooms examined the suffering of Hungary's Jewish community during World War II.

The House of Terror is very conveniently located in the city centre and I had no trouble finding it. Just take the M1 metro line and get off at either Oktogon, or at Vörösmarty utca. You will find yourself a few steps away from 60 Andrássy Boulevard. The building is almost impossible to miss, as it has the word "terror" written on the roof in large, bold letters. [more ]

House of terror

House of terror is located at VI. Andrássy út 60 (take Metro to Oktogon).

Now House of Terror has caused quite a stir when it first opened. The building was headquarters of Arrow Cross Party, then from 1944 until 1945. Hungarian Nazis occupied the place and then Communist secret police. All in all there it seems the building was doomed to be home to dodgy characters. In 2002. Fidesz Party right wing party opened up this museum during the elections. The visit to this museum is most memorable because of the Changing Room, where they have depicted with a help of rotating mannequins who easily some Hungarian switched sides during the Nazis and Communism era.

Opening hours are from Tue to Fri 10:00am until 6:00pm, Sat and Sun from 10:00am until 7:30pm; closed on Mondays. [more ]

House of Terror

I first though this was going to be a horror museum or a haunted house but rather its a fascist and communist dictatorial regimes. In some ways it is a horror house in the way that it is a memorial for those people that suffered in the building. Many were brutally tortured and killed here. Much of the exhibits here are involved with world war two and the Communism states Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Although there is criticism attached to the museum, I highly enjoyed it. It was a great way to learn about the Hungarians point of view during life under these different regimes. Videos give more information detailing the events that occurred in the past. Tours are given also in English so I did not have to struggle to try to understand what was going on in the museum. Interestingly enough you also get to walk through the prisons where prisoners were once tortured and held. In one part you get to see this tub of water where a prisoner had sit to for the duration of his confinement. There was also a small room used for solitary confinement. The whole basement section has been preserved to how it once was during its times as a torture facility. [more ]

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