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Seeger Gallery, Leura

5.0 stars


Seeger Gallery is contemporary chic

Seeger Gallery in Leura, NSW is owned by Sophie and Gary Seeger and they seek to open the world of art to new and local artists. They are open from 10:00-5:00 and closed only on Tuesday. The gallery is situated above Ali & Lou Children’s boutique.

The gallery has high ceilings to give room for observations and they try to display each artist’s work with intimate feeling of the pieces.

There are oils, pastels, bronze sculptures, Aboriginal works, ceramic, glass, and a mix of medias to choose from. The owner’s hope is to connect fresh talent with collectors and people that appreciate the art.

They have monthly exhibits and hold workshops to help those learning different techniques. This past month was glass effects of colour.

I usually don’t get into some contemporary pieces, but I really enjoyed Jan Canfield’s pieces of nature and buildings around Katoomba. They were bold, simple in technique but reminded me of some great pieces I seen in France.

Some of the mixed media pieces were just too weird for me, but there was a piece that looked like a chandelier of piano keys that caught my eye. It would be a great piece to decorate a music room. [more ]

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Seeger Gallery Leura
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