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Christmas Cottage, Leura

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Christmas Cottage to make a family tradition

The Christmas Cottage in Leura, NSW is a quaint building that is stuffed wall to wall with unique and fascinating ornaments and gear for the holiday. When the weather gets cold you are greeted with scents of cinnamon and cranberry through the air.

This place is pretty busy all year round with people looking for unique items to take home for their holiday decor. They will ship items to your home if you don’t want to chance them in the luggage for breakage or don’t have room. The staff is also very knowledgeable about what is “customs safe” so that you won’t have a problem at the airport (there are some pine cone pieces that customs will not allow out of the country).

Owner operated, they emigrated here from England when a young man and just loved the Leura lifestyle.

If you can’t find something special here it isn’t made. I love the Aussie ornaments of koalas, kangaroos and birds. There is also a great gum nut piece that is great for do up an entire tree. I have sent an ornament home to every member of my family so they have a little piece of me with them over the holidays (and a bit of Australia).

My family has made a tradition of getting an ornament from everywhere we go since I was a kid. Most of them were lost through the moves (I’m an Army brat), but we do still have some great memories from the survivors. This would be a great tradition to add to your family for your children’s memories of all the Christmas’ past. [more ]

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Christmas Cottage Leura
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