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6-month Story, New Delhi

5.0 stars


Groovin' at 6-month Story

The name is an interesting one. It's supposed to reflect the lifespan of clubs in New Delhi, but considering the caliber of the crowd and the novelty of live shows, 6-month Story has sailed past the 6-month mark. Set in the affluent part of South Delhi in the Chatturpur Farms area, 6-month Story boasts an A-list crowd, an international display of spirits, and musical talent from all corners of the globe. You are sure to rub shoulders with celebrities, socialites, and other business magnates as you get your groove on the dance floor or sip a martini by the bar. Every few weeks, live shows are scheduled and showcase DJ's, artists, musicians, singers, and dancers from all over the world including Delhi, New York City, Mumbai, Brisbane, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Copenhagen, EVERYWHERE! Some of the major artists that are regular performers are the Midival Punditz, J. Viewz, Jalabee Cartel, Anoushka Shankar, and Karsh Kale. One of most recent events was an avant-garde fashion show, featuring both ethnic and western apparel alike from aspiring designers. The decor of the club is also something to rave about, from the medievalesque entrance to the pillars of light that encapsulate the outdoor patio deck. The only downside is the exorbitant fee: Rs.1500/person (the most expensive in Delhi)! Expensive as it is, you're guaranteed a fabulous time; it's my favorite club in Delhi! So dust off those stilettos and waltz into 6-month story for night filled with electronic, house, and trance beats! [more ]

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