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Club Manila East, Taytay

4.0 stars


Worst Experience

Worst experience. Someone broke inside our room while me and my family were swimming. Before leaving the room, we made sure that the doors were locked, both from the ajoining door connecting the other room and the main door. When we went back, my camera bag including lenses are missing including my wife's iPhone. We were only thankful that only these things were taken, but what if my kids are inside the room and someone broke in. Who knows what might happen.

I wouldn't recommend Club Manila East, especially if you have with you your cameras or some gadgets. Security in the area is very poor. The only security we saw is in the main entrance. In the area where overnight accommodation is, there are no security in sight. This happened June 18, 2011. [more ]


Although the resort do offer a range of pools, we were quite disappointed since most of them were closed. The beachwaves was opened only from 10:00-12:00am and the ocean waves area was never opened. The giant slide was also closed because they were painting the stairs. I wonder why they have to schedule the maintenance during the peak summer season? All in all there was nothing left to do in the resort. Boring... [more ]

Club Manila East, Taytay, Rizal

Manila denizens need not go far to enjoy the thrill of surfing. Club Manila East, the new massive resort in Taytay boasts of a huge wave pool that is privy to budding surf champions at an acceptable cost of 25USD per two hours. Aside from the amazing wave pool, CME also has different pools and activities to choose from. It has an artificial lagoon where visitors can come and kayak all afternoon and a pool that will prove delightful and enjoyable for kids and kids at heart. Patrons need not worry about cottages, also. The resort has plenty of rooms for rent so parents can relax while their children frolic in the water. [more ]

New Attractions

Being one of the hit summer destinations this side of the Rizal province, Club Manila East - Taytay has improved its services and updated its look with its new pool offerings. Within the past year, the resort has launched its own CME Beachwaves, a pool simulating the waves at the beach and generating different wave patterns that the more adventurous guests could indulge in. Aside from the CME Beachwaves, the place now also boasts of what it calls the Buzzy River, which just opened recently and features a stream of water covering a pretty expansive area where the guests could simply float and relax. [more ]

Other Amenities

Since the resort is also open for company outings and other group reservations, the place has a handful of overnight accommodations, shower rooms, and an open convention area where companies could conduct their meetings or summer team buildings. As an exclusive and partly removed location (from the highway) that can be reached via private vehicles or tricycles from a McDonald's branch, Club Manila East - Taytay has a spacious parking lot and has its own canteen and airconditioned eating area -- quite unfortunate for those guests intending to bring their own packed food and drinks, which are prohibited inside the resort. [more ]


Of course, similar to any other pool resort, Club Manila East - Taytay is not only known for satisfying people who like to swim and brave the waters. Guests could enjoy the breeze and the nice view of the resort in the tower near the pool slide. They could also choose to simply hang out and spend time with friends over a deck of playing cards in the fairly stylish cabanas (each cabana has its own comfort and shower room). When I am in Club Manila East - Taytay, I always look forward to kayaking or riding the water bike in the "adventure" pool. Otherwise, I could just join karaoke lovers in the shaded area while they sing their hearts out into the late hours of the afternoon. [more ]


I have been to Club Manila East - Taytay several times already and I can honestly say that all those times were enjoyable because of its range of pools. When Club Manila East - Taytay first opened, it had about five pools. The resort had in its center location three large pools -- a shallow pool for kids and kids-at-heart, a fancy pool complete with a slide and waterfalls, and an "adventure" pool for basic water sports enthusiasts. The amazing thing is, though Club Manila East - Taytay covers a relatively small area, it still has space for two other wide pools, including an Olympic-sized pool that can be used for athletic training or swimming lessons. [more ]

Club Manila East

A club that is anything but exclusive, Club Manila East - Taytay is one of the perfect pool resorts for any group of families and friends. Situated approximately 30 minutes from the eastern portion of the metro, Club Manila East - Taytay has just gained popularity within several years as a convenient and hassle-free alternative destination outside Manila, especially for individuals and groups seeking that deserved vacation from school or work. Indeed, similar to the other Club Manila East (CME) locations in the nearby provinces, the Taytay resort offers memorable fun for less than 10USD/pax. [more ]

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