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Nando's Chickenland, Bath

5.0 stars


Sauce to die for

The first time I ever heard of Nando's, it was only about the sauce: my British friend had brought a bottle of their famous Peri-Peri sauce back to Canada with him. I loved it immediately: it's spicy, but it has other flavors too, instead of being just smack-you-in-the-face-hot.

He knew how much I liked it, so once he moved back to Swansea, Wales, he took me to the branch of Nando's there. Oh. My. God. I thought I loved the sauce, but it's nothing until you've tried it with the chicken and fries. That's really all you need to know about the menu: chicken, fries and degree of spiciness. I am usually the person ordering "suicide" wings, and the spiciest notch of the Nando's scale was perfect for me. If you're not REALLY into spicy food, I recommend the next notch down.

Nando's is a chain which exists all over the UK, so head to their website to find out if there is one near where you're going. [more ]

Nando's Chickenland

The day before we were to go to the Theatre Royal, my girlfriend, my mate, his nephew and I dined at a funky Portugese restuarant called Nando's Chickenland. And when I say funky, I really mean it. The restaurant's decor is bright and bold, a mosaic of colour and Portugese authenticity, as I'd like to call it, with festive music and decoration to spice up the theme even more. From what you may have already guessed, my mate's nephew thought it was "wicked cool." My mate and I had chicken burgers with chips while my girlfriend had pita bread stuffed with shredded chicken breast and lettuce. My mate's nephew ordered a plate of chicken strips from the kid's menu. For about £25, we were able to get a pretty cheap lunch here -- and the kid loved the place, so I've declared this restaurant as a family-friendly establishment. [more ]

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