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Camden Market, London

4.0 stars


Camden Lock Market, Camden

If you’ve never been to London you can’t miss the market in Camden, Camden Lock Market. Apart from a lot of second-hand clothing you will find stalls with books, furniture, bric-a-brac, antiques, records, clubwear, crafts, food and tattooists. The best place for a healthy snack or something to drink is the smoothie bar Jiva Juice at 45/46 Camden Lock between the west yard and the middle yard. Camden Lock Market is off Chalk Farm Road in North West London and open daily from 10am-6pm. The nearest tube station is Camden Town. [more ]

Lock it in

Camden Markets are one of the buzzing areas in London. You can literally lose yourself there for hours. There is a great range of food, particularly Asian, and some great pubs, in which to fuel yourself betweeen bartering and shopping. It's a great place to get all your tacky gift souvenirs, and the range of clothing and shoes is extraordinary. [more ]

The vibrant Camden Market

In my opinion, the most eccentric neighbourhood of London is undoubtedly Camden Town. If you have spare time in the city and already visited the main attractions of London, I would recommend a visit to the popular Camden Market. The best days to go are Saturday and Sunday, when it is very excited and busy. There you will find a lot of stores, with the most varied and exotic products, from socks to colourful clothes and bijous. Besides this, a range of stalls of food offers menu from worldwide (I really like the Argentinean option). On the street, it is quite common see people with multi-coloured hair in all styles. Don’t forget to walk nearby the Camden Lock, in the riverside, where you can have great notion of the neighbourhood. [more ]

Shisha pipes are the next big thing

Camden Market has always been the place to spot cool types wandering around in the latest alternative London fashions, and to buy some for yourself too. On a recent visit to the market, there were loads of emos and even some wannabe-punks from the remnants of the style-creator, Vivienne Westwood's day. Here you'll find everything from kooky clothes to second hand furniture. There are clubs, pubs and little hidey holes for eating cheap food from around the world, when shoppers take a break or hang out with mates. The latest a la mode here is the appearance of several Hookah pipe eating venues, where you can try ethic food and puff on flavoured tobacco afterwards. Something you won't see any more are the infamous Camden mushroom stalls that were closed down under a change in English law a few years ago. However, there are a lot of legal delights that may tickle your fancy if you look hard enough. [more ]

Camdem Market music and punk

Camden is yet another fantastic market. If Portobello vibrant day is Saturday, Sundays are the days for Camdem. My favorite section is the picturesque 80´s "punk" area which is quite an interesting experience. I also love to walk along the small lock with the small house-boats along the river.
Then as per the rest is very similar to Portobello only with even more crowds. There are lovely cafés and music and entertainment everywhere. Usually the nearest tube station is closed during the market time as to avoid congestion but everyone mostly take the bus to get there or walk about 15 minutes from the far nearest tube station. [more ]

Camden Market

When someone tells me to brainstorm the word “market” the first thing I come up with is a bunch of people chewing gum and yelling at people to convince them to buy their products. That’s why I was surprised to see that things are different in Camden Market, a huge bustling mish-mash of stalls and shops, selling everything from furniture and books to ethnic ornaments, army surplus, clothing and food. It seemed to me the most appropriate place, managing to create a lovely mxture of old and new. It’s a place where you can’t possibly get bored because each stall has something new, something that you will probably not be able to find somewhere else. [more ]

Camden Lock Market

As the afternoon wore on I decided to take a look at Camden Lock Market which is the most famous of the markets in the area, and which is split into the East, West and Middle Yards. The market was quite spread out but I was able to cover most of it without walking too far. It was then time to head back down to the main road where upon I had a last look at the shops before heading back to the car. On the way I came across Camden Interiors, a shop that specialized in arty home interiors, and it was notable as it had a huge rocking chair attached to the building which was about 4 times its true size. This made for a great photo opportunity! [more ]

Setting out for Camden Market

I left my friends house in the North west of London hoping to drive to Camden Market. Whilst all the advice that I found on line suggested that parking anywhere near to the market is a nightmare, I was intent on taking the car as I had other places to go later on in the day. It was Saturday morning and this is one of the days that Camden Market can be best enjoyed. The drive there was not so busy but upon arriving at the high street just south of the market itself there were plenty of traffic restrictions in force and some of them look to be slightly confusing as they had exceptions for certain times and days. [more ]

Street Performers at Camden

On the way back to the main street there was a body shop just tucked into the corner which was having a sale. It would be quite easy to miss but from the Arizona Mexican restaurant it is clearly visible. As I went back on to the main Chalk Farm Road and headed up towards Camden lock, I could start to see the weird and wonderful shows, and people, that make Camden market such a unique attraction.In addition a range of interesting shoe and boot specialists were dotted around the parades of shops and the prices were very cheap. On the street I could see plenty buskers and other performers, many of them showing off their multiple piercings or extensive tattoos. [more ]

Camden Market

A little further up was the main Camden Market. This was a much larger affair than Inverness market and there were clearly specialized sellers offering things such as unique belt buckles, nice pieces of art, and hard to find items of clothing. The market has several entrances and winds around like a maze. The entrance that I took resembled walking through a tunnel, although in reality it was just an enclosed area which is fronted by two rows of shops. I had about an hour to walk around and I was enticed to buy a fair number of items there. [more ]

Heading to Chalk Farm Road

Indeed, judging by the way things are going, I think it will likely be the case that this natural migration could mean that Camden Market will completely take over the High Street in the coming years. Anyway for me, it was a nice way to start my day as there were some interesting shops that had opened there, and yet
the High Street was quieter than the main road where I was headed. As I approached Chalk Farm Road, the crowds definitely swelled. I could see street sellers attracting small crowds of people and all of the shops located on each side of the the road were quite busy. [more ]

Camden Market

The title of this review makes it sound like there's only one market in Camden, but that's simply not true. There is one main market in Camden that has so many little stalls and shops in it, along with a plethora of different eateries, that it could take you more than a day to get round everything. There are a few of the more high street shops here like Punky Fish but, in general, the stalls/shops are filled with original, unique pieces, whether it be jewellery, clothes, hats or other items. The shopping is fantastic and cheap and so are the restaurants. With such a mixture of cuisines, there is something for everyone. I played quite safe and went for Chinese food, but the stall from Vietnam looked great. Camden is such a happening, trendy place that even if you have no money whatsoever, it's still a great place to go! [more ]

Camden Market

Camden Market was the first market I have discovered on my very first trip to London. And while before it was mostly second hand clothes shops and dingy pubs, over a course of a few years, it had changed beyond recognition. And in a good way. To me Camden Market is the essence of the London experience. The people watching is absolutely superb. The shopping is fantastic, vintage, goth, fakes, fashionable and not so fashionable, you can shop to your heart's content at Camden Market. There are food stalls at Camden Lock and plethora of dishes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. There are plenty of pubs in the area, so you can sit down and grab a bite and watch the world go by. It is no wonder why Camden has become such a popular place with tourists, as there is so much to see and soak in. It can get a bit crowded, however do not let deter you from visiting. It would be a shame to miss such a quintessential London experience. You can take a walk around and head to Primrose Hill and soak in the magnificent views. Or you can stay in Camden, not only you will be spoilt for choice but there is always something going. The shops and the markets are open most days from 10:00am until 6:00pm, however the Camden Canal Market comes to life on the weekends. You can get there by taking the Northern line and go to the Camden town tube stations, or you can go to the Chalk Farm tube station as it also near to the markets. [more ]

Camden Market

This is one of the coolest markets I have ever been to! Its huge and there are loads of shops as well (a lot of them selling shoes), the biggest day is Sunday and its great for buying cool and funky clothing, footwear, material and house wear, or even just for a look around as there are loads of individual people with bright pink, green, blue hair - you name the colour and it will be there! The whole area is really unlike anywhere else I have ever been so you can easily spend a whole day there. Its just on the river so you can sit outside a funky bar and watch the world go round or grab a bite to eat as there is a fair bit of choice. At night time its also a great place to be, there are loads of bars, each pretty different so if you don't like one you can just keep on moving till you find somewhere suitable, there is also a couple of clubs, like The Camden Palace which is very well known and definitely a good night out - if you go arrive before 12pm or there will be a huge queue! Also check out the cocktails in 'Oh! Bar' as they are yummy and reasonably priced and usually have some funky house music playing with someone on the Bongos! [more ]

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