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Jun 9, 2008 Kumari's Indian Nepalese Restaurant , Tokyo

5.0 stars



Toride a fresh breath of air is in the Ibaraki prefecture about an hour train ride from Tokyo’s Ueno station on the JR Joban line. A 10minute stroll away is a comfy Indian / Nepalese restaurant named ‘Kumari’.
I have an Indian background and in my experience I’ve never enjoyed curries anywhere, unless it is curry-liciously homemade. Fair to say I have tried countless Indian restaurants only to experience a manifold of disappointments. But to my great joy, ‘Kumari’s’ is a gem that I highly applaud!
Prices are very reasonable, portions are filling and the reason why this little eatery is worth mentioning is because it’s absolutely delicious! And they make a killer cheese naan!
Dishes that I have tasted and recommend are:
Nepalese Dumplings
Mixed nuts salad
Chili chicken salad
I opted for the starter platter on my first visit it is an excellent choice for first timers;
The course includes a choice of chicken curry or dhal, a vegetable curry, salad, naan, rice and a piece of Tandoori chicken and pickles for 1,290yen.
The healthy plate gives you choice of dhal or chicken curry, spinach prawn, shish kebab, naan, salad, rice and pickles for 1,390.
Other tasty recommendations I highly suggest are the mutton curry, mutton do piazza curry, paneer marsala, cheese naan, marsala naan, mango lassi, chai and a good work out after this indulgence. A sister restaurant in Tokyo Asagaya is now open too. [more ]

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