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Mado Lounge, Tokyo

4.0 stars


Mado Lounge

Specked up high on the 52nd floor of the Mori Tower building in the famous Roppongi Hills is the place to be; Mado Lounge. A place to chill out with friends, drink and enjoy spectacular views of Tokyo. The lift to the top is about 1,500 yen, yes a bit pricy but hey that’s Tokyo. Though I guess it’s worth noting that the 51st floor is exclusive for club members only who pay about 1 million yen for the same privileged view.
When I visited Mado lounge, Victoria Webb hosted a fashion show and the very popular DJ Kaori played her grooving mixes, therefore the crowd was immense. Once up there I checked the gorgeous view and danced the night away. There was too much crowd that evening so no chilling out but check it out during the week or when there are no events to enjoy a more intimate setting.
I highly recommend checking out Mado Lounge, sip some cocktail and enjoy the fabulous views, especially the highlight; a glowing Tokyo Tower. [more ]

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