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420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant, Las Piñas

3.0 stars


Why Come Back for More?

420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant is one of the places you’ll surely love coming back to. The atmosphere is classy enough for a romantic evening for two. I like the cascading water on the glass that greets every visitor at the entrance. The overall ambiance is simply classy and inviting.

But, don’t be intimidated by the atmosphere because 420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant could also be the greatest chill-out place for you and your friends. This bar is air-conditioned and allows smoking inside. The music is also fantastic that, sometimes, makes people dance. In that case, the bar’s spacious dance floor comes in handy.

Aside from the look of the bar, the prices of the food and drinks make people come back. Imagine, a pitcher of its specialty just costs $3.50? And all food items are just below $4! Not a bad deal, eh? [more ]

Thirst-quenchers, Anyone?

Since you’re mouth is watering for the food the 420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant offers, let’s water it more! Let’s go to the thirst-quenchers. Because I am a bartender-wanna-be, I consider the content, taste, aroma, and presentation as the overall determiners of a drink’s quality. And, 420 drinks were about to put to a test.

Our first drink was called 420 which is the bar’s specialty. Ooh! It’s sweet yet deadly—just the way I like it. It’s a mixture of GSM Blue, Bacardi white rum, Vodka, Tequila, Four Seasons Juice, and served with Blue Curacao on top. I also recommend the Cream Rose which tastes like Tequila Rose and Cappuccino Mudshake combined. Overall, I like the array of drinks in this bar because they’re classy and flavorsome. Want a taste? Visit 420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant now! [more ]

Craving for Food?

420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant serves good eats. Believe me, my friends and I stayed there for a little over five hours just trying all sorts of things out. For starters, I recommend the Wicked Wings with buffalo sauce—a serving of delicious crispy, golden brown chicken wings. If you prefer not to eat chicken, try the bar’s Tostado Nachos—a hefty serving of nachos topped with beans, salsa tomatoes, ground beef, and mayonnaise. You can also have a tartar sauce on your nachos by request. My favorite among the menu is the “4twenty Joints.” It’s a scrumptious chicken fingers served with fries. Do these starters make your mouth water? They should! My friends and I had three servings of this one, actually! [more ]

420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant

It’s Saturday night and you’re in your home with nothing to do. Can you go to a place that would liven up your evening? Indeed you can! Enter 420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant. Located in Las Piñas City, this bar is where good people meet under great lights and fantastic music.

The entrance of 420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant may intimidate passersby because of its luxurious spectacle. But those who bravely enter (like me) will surely discover fun and excitement inside. This bar offers classy beverages and delectable foods. You can order either finger foods or a full meal. Either way, you won’t be spending too much; so don’t worry! [more ]

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420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant Las Piñas from my point of view a peaceful bar exists
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