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The Mall of Asia, Pasay

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SM Mall of Asia

I was told that Filipinos love malls. But I never really believed it until I saw the SM Mall of Asia. Simply put, this mall is huge in its ever sense of the word. The facade features a globe as its emblem. Despite its size, the architecture of the mall is very attractive with its spacious corridors, open field, and view of the Manila Bay.

The IMax theatre in the mall is surprisingly affordable (about $8) and having my first experience of an ultra-large screen movie theater, I can say that this is people will go here to look for a tourist experience more than just your regular everyday mall. Do not forget to view the Manila sunset from the mall. It is the best of all sunsets in the lot. [more ]

Don't Miss These!

I’m always excited whenever I go to MOA because I know I’ll always find something new. But due to my frequent visits, I came up with a list of my most recommended shops and dining places.

Don’t miss Taste Asia! It’s an area where you can find different food chains and restaurants that showcase the exotic tastes of Asia including Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Filipino, and Thai cuisines. The Sunset Boulevard is also a must-see! It’s an activity area where concerts or celebrity mall tours usually happen.

The best thing about MOA is the bay view. While having fun with whatever activity the mall has, you can always chill out with the picturesque sight. Recently, the Philippines celebrated the famous Pyrolympics, and people could perfectly see the spectacular fireworks from the mall. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to witness the event because I was busy.

These are just my suggested places to visit in MOA. You can still explore other areas like the Bowling Center or the Dell Contact Center. The choice is always yours. But whatever your decision is I assure you, you’ll never go out empty-handed from this mall. [more ]

What Else to Expect?

What separates MOA from the rest are its many unique features. One of which is a 20-seater tram traveling around the mall grounds to transport shoppers anywhere. When you’re here, you’ll also see golf cars and trolleys traveling inside—a first in the history of malls in the Philippines. However, those features have frustrated me during my visits to the mall. Riding those mall transportations is quite difficult because of the long queues.

Aside from those rides within the mall, you’ll also enjoy the Olympic-sized ice skating rink. See? Even if it doesn’t snow in the Philippines, the country still has a large skating place that is available all year round. I like the IMAX Theater the best in this mall. You can choose between the Director’s Cut and the Lazy-Boy cinemas. Both are comfy, clean, and chic, so you don’t have to be hard on yourself in choosing. [more ]

How to Explore the Biggest Mall

Once you’ve reached MOA, there’s no time to rest. To save up your energy and time, here’s a bit of advice on how to explore the biggest mall in the Philippines.

The Mall of Asia grounds consist of four buildings namely the Main Mall, the Entertainment Mall, and the North Carpark Building, and the South Carpark Building—all of which are interconnected by walkways. For your high-end shopping and dining satisfaction, the Main Mall is the place to be. The South Carpark building houses the mall's official Department Store while the North Carpark building features the Hypermarket. Both areas offer low-priced products and boutiques.

If you want to see a movie or play video games, the two-story Entertainment Mall is where you should be. I like this part of MOA because it faces the Manila Bay. So after having fun, I can relax with the beautiful view of the bay. [more ]

Reaching the Biggest Mall

Getting to MOA has various ways. If you’re from Philcoa in Diliman, Quezon City, take a bus. If you’re from the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) EDSA Taft Station, a jeepney will do to reach the mall. An “FX” (an SUV-type of public transportation) can also help you get to this mall. But this last type of transportation rarely travels to MOA, so I suggest you get a jeepney or a bus. Fares range up to $1 only. If you want to be comfortable, take a cab. Prepare for a higher fare though. Or better yet, bring your own car. It’s more convenient because the road to this mall is more like exclusive than public. In spite of that, still expect a little traffic. [more ]

Just how big is the biggest mall in the Philippines?

The Mall of Asia (MOA) was constructed within the reclamation area, aptly nicknamed the "Bay City." Located on Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, MOA was built with a gross floor area of 386,224 square meters. Its two-building parking lot can accommodate approximately 5,000 cars. You’re probably asking, “What’s with the numbers?” Well, this is just my way of saying that the mall is HUGE, and I even got the numbers to prove it.

Aside from the parking lot, MOA also boasts of its Olympic sized ice-skating rink and eight-story high theatre. This mall has four areas: the North Wing, the South Wing, the West Wing, and the East Wing—all of which are named as such so that visitors won’t get lost. Honestly, I’m still not familiar with this mall. Because of its large shopping center and many shops, I always get lost. So whenever I come here, I always drag my friend, who has a sense of direction, along. [more ]

The Mall of Asia

Shopping centers in the Philippines are very rampant. Wherever you go, you’ll surely find one—be it small or big. This only shows that Filipinos love to shop, and I testify for that! In fact, just recently, the country’s largest mall chain—SM Malls—has built the biggest mall which is named the Mall of Asia. As recorded, it’s the third largest mall in Asia. Locally dubbed as MOA, it’s very classy and chic. I like this mall because it has everything a shopper love—from clothe shops, gadget shops, and huge supermarket to different food chains. Everything seems to be here that’s why I never get bored whenever I visit. Actually, one day isn’t enough for me or for anyone to explore all the features of this mall. Having said that, make sure you’ve done your stretching before you attempt to scour the shops in MOA. That’s just a friendly advice! [more ]

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