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1. Slovak Pub, Bratislava

4.0 stars


How to Kill Time in Bratislava - Stuff Your Face at the Slovak Pub

I was recently stranded in Bratislava for 12 hours with hardly any money and nothing to do. I'd been there before so I'd already seen all the tourist sites, so I really didn't know what to do with myself.

In the end I asked about good, cheap restaurants at the tourist information office and they recommended the Slovak Pub. Initially I was put off by the tacky name, but when I got there I discovered the place has a great atmosphere. It's huge with kitsch decorations, and most importantly a never ending menu. There is a huge choice of traditional dishes and it really is good value. Time flew by in a blur of good beer and fried cheese.

If you're ever bored (or hungry) in Bratislava I would definitely advise you to check out the Slovak Pub. [more ]

The Old Slovak Pub

Next in line after the Neolit and the Templars is the Old Slovak Pub. This pub has an excellent menu of beer and wine. All the ingredients for the receipts are not hybridized in any way so I could actually sense the taste of tomatoes for the very first time. A healthy and energy giving dish is a combination of gnocchi and local cheese. In fact it is fromage. My friend who lives near Bratislava told me that it is best if I poured some cream over. He was right about that. The price here is more than reasonable; I made it my eating out place due to the low budget at the time. [more ]

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