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Chao Phraya Tourist Boat Route, Bangkok

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Cruising Bangkok

As a woman on these water taxis, I found it necessary to be careful both of my purse, because the taxis are rife with pickpockets, and of my person, as there are a lot of Buddhist monks travelling on these taxis, and while they are more than happy to strike up a conversation and offer advice, they are not permitted to touch a woman. In the jostling crowds boarding the taxis, it is essential to watch out for these figures and keep yourself well apart if possible. The back rows of the water taxis re reserved for these monks, so it’s also important to stay well forward of this area. We watched more than one monk dodge an oncoming foreign woman or slowly edge away from a loud female tourist whose hand gestures were too close for comfort! The presence of the monks is just one of the many interesting sights to be seen on Bangkok’s water taxis. [more ]

Chao Phraya Tourist Boat Route--Water Taxis

Bangkok is interesting. It’s the epitome of the steamy southeast Asian metropolis, hot, crowded, dirty, smelly, but fascinating. The Chao Phraya Tourist Boat Route is one of the best ways to see the city. The water taxis which travel along this route are flat-bottomed motorboats crammed with people. They provide a nice break from the heat, as they generate their own breeze, as well as a great opportunity for people-watching. We travelled everywhere on these taxis, from Chinatown and the flower market to Wat Arun and the Grand Palace. The water taxis depart on average every 30 minutes and are a cheap way to get around Bangkok, provided you are willing to walk from the nearest pier to your destination. This is usually a fairly short journey, as the Chao Phraya River runs right through the centre of the city’s main attractions. We also found the boat ride itself to be very interesting, with such a wide variety of people to see, from, Buddhist monks to Bangkok’s famous “lady boys.” An afternoon spent riding up the river and back down again, enjoying the cool breeze, is not a bad way to pass the time in Bangkok. [more ]

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