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Leicester Square, London

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Leicester Square

To get to Leicester Square take tube to Leicester Square/Piccadilly Circus.

Now if you are ever stretched as what to do in the evening (although that hardly ever happens in London) one place you can visit and be sure there will be something going on is the Leicester square. It is exceptionally crowded on Friday and Saturday evenings, so do keep it in mind. On Leicester square you can find a great number of cinemas, in fact this is what Leicester square is popular for 2 largest multiplexes in London. You can find bars, restaurants, pubs, whatever takes your fancy you can find it here. Also you never know if there is some sort of premiere going on you might see your favorite movie star. So for example a friend happened to be strolling around on a summer evening and happened to stumble upon a premiere for Archie with Jude Law. Apparently extremely good looking, but a bit on the short side. [more ]

Leicester Square

Leicester Square is the main tourist area in London city (excusing the sights of course) and I really have no idea why, I try to avoid the area at all costs! Its always packed and there are loads of souvenier shops where you can buy plastic red buses and other naff stuff. The bars are full of guys that grab you when you walk past them and the prices of drinks are three times the usual amount. There is a club to called Sound, I went there once (don't ask me why) and it was so bad, the music was pop and it was so expensive to get drunk to try and make it more fun! Even the cinema is double the price of normal cinemas! There are loads of restaurants too, they are all packed but most actually do pretty good food, but as they are so packed the service can be really slow and if you get there late you will have to wait for a table. Leicester Square also boasts loads of theaters so I guess its a good place to go and see a show. Fast food places are open 24 hours there so if you nearby at silly o'clock in the morning a lot of people stop for food. I also one made the mistake of going to Leicester Square about 4am on New years eve/day – never do that as its even more packed than usual, so much so that there is nowhere to walk as there are so many feet and the whole place smells of urine! [more ]

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Leicester Square London Scene of the crime
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