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Sora No Niwa, Tokyo

5.0 stars


Terrific Tofu

Sora no Niwa is an amazing restaurant near Shibuya station at the Shin Minami West exit. We got lost again on our way here, although the magazine article recommending the restaurant informed us that two Tokyo natives had also gotten lost (twice!) and arrived an hour late for their reservations, so we didn’t feel too bad. The attraction of Sora no Niwa is that it serves only traditionally-made, pure tofu. We enjoyed appetizers of sesame tofu, avocado and horseradish tofu, and sour plum tofu. The main course was a traditional meal of warm tofu cooked at our table in a special wooden oven with various garnishes and sauces, and it was silky smooth and heavenly. Dessert was tofu ice cream with caramel sauce. The food was excellent, as was the atmosphere. We ate in our own private room to the accompaniment of various zen fountains, stone gardens, and low lighting. This restaurant provides a very intimate atmosphere and a range of dining options from western tables and chairs to Japanese-style sitting on the tatami mats. On weekend nights, you will need a reservation at this restaurant, as it is highly popular with young professionals. [more ]

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