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Urban Pind, New Delhi

3.0 stars


Plowin' the Dance Floor at Urban Pind

Urban Pind, meaning urban "village" in Hindi, offers it all from a fully-stocked bar with international spirits to a wide-spaced dance floor to an upscale crowd. I can't say it's one of my favorite spots in Delhi, but it's definitely a decent place when all other options have been exhausted. It's located in GK I's N-Block Market, right across from the highly-acclaimed Shalom Lounge. Thursday nights turn into expat nights, so you'll be able to mingle with a bunch of foreign yuppie singles, if that's your thing. There's no cover charge, but you can pay Rs. 600 for open bar. It gets quite cozy and packed in the place and the cops tend to have to break up some fight or another before the end of the night, so come early and leave early! One definite perk is that it plays hip-hop and Bollywood beats, quite an anomaly in the Delhi nightclub scene. If there's nothing else on the agenda, be bold and give it a try. [more ]

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