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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

4.0 stars


San Francisco Musuem of Modern Art

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is one of the most innovative museums that contain modern art in the United States that I have visited. Not only could I explore the beauty and elegance of the modern art in person at the museum; I could also explore it through the museum’s interactive website at The website has been in existence for ten year and is continuously updated with pictures of the art and exhibitions on display at the museum.

I saw several exhibits at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. These exhibitions include art work from local, national, and global artist of all sorts. There are paintings, sculptures, technological art, and many other forms of modern art for the visitors to explore and enjoy.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art offers a wide range of educational programs for visitors of all ages. Some of the programs include artist lectures and talks, live presentations, tours, and hands-on activities. There are programs available for school groups, adult groups, walk-in groups, and many others.

Memberships are also available at affordable prices. Members receive special benefits to museum events throughout the year. These benefits include unlimited free admission, 10%-20% discount at the museum gift shop, express entry, invitations to member-only events, reduced special event rates, and free magazine subscriptions.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art offers year round exhibition in addition to their temporary exhibitions. Every few months, a new exhibition is set up at the museum, so there is something new always happening at the museum [more ]

Modern Chic

I recently returned to the San Francisco Modern Art Museum after having been there once three years ago. I really loved it then, partly because the temporary exhibition was mind-blowing, and going back I was still impressed but it seemed a lot smaller somehow. Maybe I'm just bigger, or maybe I've seen too many modern art museums since then, I don't know.

Anyway, the museum is basically divided into four floors (so I wasn't being literal when I said it was small) - the first floor is kind of a "modern classics" collection, the second is dedicated to photography and specifically Robert Frank (though I'm not sure it's permanently like that), the third is for the big name temporary exhibit and finally the top floor is kind of a hotch-potch with a terrace and cafe. Of all the floors, what by far impressed me the most was the Robert Frank exhibition. I really love that they decided to dedicate such a large space to one artist, and you can really can a feel for his work and the more you see of it the more you see into it. On the other hand though, the other pieces seem tokenistic, especially in comparison, and I'm sure there are people would rather see it given ver for other things.

Still, the building itself is pretty cool, and some of the works by lesser known artists are really off the wall and playful. Of course, it's modern art, so there'll always be some pieces that seem unjustifiably frivolous an self-indulgent (my personal choice for most inexplicable is the display of cardboard boxes), but that's the way it is.

I would also point out that the museum is free on the first Thursday of the month! [more ]

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