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Charlie Birdy, Paris

5.0 stars


Charlie Birdy

About a year ago, my husband and I met up with another couple at a nice restaurant called, "Charlie Birdy." It was our first time to visit and I must say that it made quite the impression to both my husband and I because we have returned numerous times ever since! Normally, I try to opt for a different dish every time we visit, but half of the time, I just can't keep myself from ordering their barbecue spare ribs for just over 15€ because they're so delicious and affordable. I don't think that I've been able to find ribs this good at any other place in France, even in Paris, where gastronomy is taken so seriously. The inside of the restaurant resembles a sleek lounge with leather seats and dark, appealing colours. It's quite nice, really, and service is always wonderful, so it's definitely worth a visit! [more ]

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