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Fauchon, Paris

5.0 stars



Sometimes eating out is too complicated an option. Which restaurant
serves good food, how can I get a reservation, where can I go that
won't be too crowded...And Paris doesn't lack for good food in
numerous outlets. This includes the granddaddy of grocery stores,
Fauchon. Divided into six departments, the food is gourmet and
amazingly fresh (regardless of whether it came from Provence or the
Philippines). Many items can be expensive, but if you know how to use
them you can get one of the best meals in Paris from your own kitchen.
If your hotel/hostel doesn't offer much beyond a microwave, there are
also several cafes within the shop that offer some pretty good deals
compared to their street-side counterparts. [more ]


I would assume that Fauchon may be considered as a normal shop in Paris, but to tourists, it's a jackpot of Parisian goodies and delicacies just waiting to be purchased. When I first walked into this shop, I was literally in awe. Visitors can purchase special chocolates, wine, sweets, exotic teas, coffee and herbs, oils and more, and I'll admit that I had one heck of a hayday once I was let loose in this shop. Now, I often visit when in search for that perfect gift for one of my friends from Paris, particularly those who have the typical Parisian personality by deeming gastronomy as a very important aspect in life. Prices at Fauchon vary greatly, from as little as just a few Euros for a sample box of Fauchon chocolates to hundreds of Euros for a gift basket of wine and chocolates. Fauchon is definitely one of the shops to stop by if you're looking for something extra special to take back home, even if you live right down the street! [more ]

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