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Au Chapeau Gris, Versailles

5.0 stars


Au Chapeau Gris

Our day trip to Versailles included a meal at a lovely French restaurant called, "Au Chapeau Gris," where we were lucky enough to grab a deal: we could each have wine, an appetizer, a main course and dessert for 38 Euros, all of our choice. I had homemade duck ballottine as my appetizer, followed by sirloin steak and gratin potatoes. Everything tasted wonderful, but my favourite part of the meal would have to be dessert, which was chocolate-orange mousse with a little orange peel as decoration on top. The wines were traditional and well-known, though not my favourites: Bordeaux and Chardonnay. Still, though, this meal was worth every cent. We had an excellent waiter who was kind enough to recommend dishes to us and even pull our seats out for us. Should my sister-in-law and I return to Versailles for a second visit, we'll know where to go! [more ]

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2. Château de Versailles 0.00 mi
3. Palace of Versailles 1.45 mi
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