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Trianon Spa, Versailles

5.0 stars


Trianon Spa

Like any other girl would have, I loved the time I spent at the Trianon Spa. I spent the day here with my sister-in-law while our husbands took care of the children and gave us some well-deserved peace, quiet and relaxation. We each were given soft robes to wear after we selected which treatments we wanted: we each selected what was called, "Serenity," a combination of treatments which lasted over three hours. We each had a "foot bath," where our feet were cleaned, massaged and moisturized and our toenails were equally cared for, then we each had a facial, then underwent hydrotherapy before receiving an hour-long massage all over. When my massage was done, I felt like a puddle of goo and completely relaxed. It was pure Heaven. I would return here every single day, if possible! [more ]

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