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Le Cigale et la Fourmi, Marseille

5.0 stars


Oh dear !

Let me talk on their dormitory (I've no experience with their studios). At my stay in July 2013 it was overcrowded and overbooked. A former garage, surface about 20 m2. 12 guests stored on a bunk structure of matresses. Overheated, no ventilation at night, only 1 toilet and shower, no secure locker, the emergency exit locked at night (because of thievery in the area), no credit cards accepted, no receipts issued. [more ]

Le Cigale et la Fourmi

This has to be one of the best hostels I have ever stayed in. It’s situated in a tiny back-street in a suburb of Marseille, and has a labyrinthine quality about it due to originally being two separate houses. I was greeted with a friendly chat and a cup of fresh mint tea, before I was shown to my room- a whole room with a double mattress to myself for 15 euros a night! (Although I am told it gets much more crowded at peak times.) The place is very homely and unpretentious, with a log fire burning at night and a cute rooftop terrace. There is even a spa on the roof, and Jean (the owner) is always happy to share his wine, his music and his stories with the guests. I’d get there quickly though, as he’s selling up to move to the Philippines sometime this year. [more ]

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Le Cigale et la Fourmi Marseille "The harmonious use of space and colour gives each bedroom a style of its own" (announcement)
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