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St. Patricks Cathedral, Dublin

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Saint Patrick's Cathedral

I couldn't leave Dublin without seeing Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Dublin is unique in having two cathedrals in one city; St. Patrick's is the larger of the two. It only cost €4.20 for me as a student but it's €5.50 for adults. I definitely think it was worth it. Though if you want to see it for free, go to a service and then have a wander around afterwards.

The cathedral's architecture is stunning. The building is a work of art. There has been a church on the site since medieval times. The early Gothic structure was built up and repaired in the 1600's and underwent further resoration in the 1800's. Everywhere that you look, there is something beautiful to see - the mosaic tiles on the floor, the stained glass windows, the soaring arches of the ceiling.

There is a small kiosk selling postcards and little Dublin souvenirs and trinkets. The woman that was there during my vists was very sweet and kind. We had a little chat about my visit, though I imagine in the high season (I was there in January) she wouldn't have had time to chat. Besides being able to shoot the breeze with a local, visiting in the off season meant that I very nearly had the cathedral to myself!

The cathedral is not in the city centre, but it is a walkable distance. It took us about 20 minutes and we took our time. I'm sure there are buses that go nearby, but the walk is a pleasant one and there are signs along the way that point toward the cathedral. [more ]

St. Patrick's Chathedral...amazing architecutre

This is a beautiful cathedral. However, I felt it was a little “commercial.” The admission price seemed high, the gift shop was set up in an open area in the back of the Cathedral, not to mention a sign situated out front of the Cathedral that both states this as a landmark as well as it being sponsored by Bailey’s Irish Cream….hmmm…a Cathedral sponsored by liquor?! But otherwise it is a stunning architectural piece. The stain glass windows are phenomenal. You’ll also find plenty of monuments dedicated to various personages (Jonathan Swift the most famous) along with a few military units. The grounds are also well kept and clean.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s essential to go inside, but if you love church architecture, then it is a must. [more ]

St. Patrick's Cathedral

To visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral you must leave the center of Dublin but even so it’s worth a visit. Though the Cathedral stands amidst run-down buildings and uninviting surroundings this doesn’t diminish its magnificence. Inside it the visitor is confronted with monuments and memorial plaques of different personalities, among which is the Boyle Family Tomb from the 17th century and Jonathan Swift’s tomb. Some of the visitors showed criticize over the fact that one must pay to enter a house of worship but note that only casual visitors have to pay, not true-hearted worshipers. [more ]

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral is located on 21 – 50 St. Patrick's Close (Lower Dublin 8).

St. Patrick's cathedral is another of must see sights for first time visitors to Dublin and it is an impressive sight. The cathedral dates back to 13th century and it is the oldest Christian site in Dublin. There was a wooden church here and it is thought that it was here where St. Patrick converted pagans to Christianity.
Although the cathedral was enlarged during 13th century it went through a decline from then on until 16th century during which period a lot of the property was commissioned by Henry VIII. It was not until 19th century that the cathedral returned to its original splendor with the donations from the Guinness family. Jonathan Swift is also laid to rest here. Also it was the place where the first performance of Handel's Messiah was heard.

Opening hours are Mon to Fri from 9:00am until 6:00pm; Sat 9:00am until 5:00pm; Sun 10:00am until 11:00am and 12:45 pm until 3:00pm. Times vary in summer and winter time, so check beforehand. [more ]

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