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Tokyo Waterfront

5.0 stars


Tokyo futuristic Waterfront

I also went to the Tsukiji Fish market – saw the auctions for tuna and all. Tokyo though has more to offer in regards of other connections to the sea – namely the sea-lands conquered and built with the help of garbage residual ashes.

If you go across the Rainbow Bridge, ridding its automated train, explore the amazing futuristic architecture of Ariake (with its inverted pyramids) and Odaiba areas. The Fuji TV building is the ex-libris of the area – quite an impacting one I tell you.

I did not have the time to explore the Museum of Maritime Science – so properly located – but I heard it is a great one.

Well if you are into crazy shopping Palette Town is also just around the corner.

I recommend a stroll along the waterfront – and enjoy the futuristic look! [more ]

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