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Blackbird Bakery, Winslow

5.0 stars


Wonderful Bakery on Bainbridge Island

Blackbird Bakery is one of the many highlights of a visit to Bainbridge Island. The wide variety of goodies served here are tempting, even on a full stomach. We tried one of their chocolate desserts and it was heavenly - so rich and creamy! It definitely took the cake (so to speak) for my favorite dessert on the island.

The bakery also serves as a coffee shop and is a nice place to watch the passersby while you sit, drink coffee, and enjoy your bakery delicacies. The bakery has a great location for those arriving on the ferry. It is within walking distance from the ferry terminal. It is located on the main downtown street, which makes it a perfect stop for those shopping Bainbridge Island's unique shops. It can be difficult to find parking near the bakery. The parking spaces in front of the bakery are almost always filled. [more ]

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