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Sumo Sam, Makati

3.0 stars


Sumo Sam

Japanese food is always good food for me. I love the texture, the flavors, and the taste. About two weeks ago, a friend and I had dinner at Sumo Sam at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati City. The restaurant offers the basics of a Japanese meal: tempura, ramen, sashimi, katsudon, and many others. The food tastes fairly good but nothing really special. That is a bad thing since we had to choke up a big sum to pay for our dinner. However, I enjoyed the noodles at Sumo Sam. Or was it just the nice and cozy appeal of the restaurant that affected me? Either way, I didn’t get a good impression on the food and for me, Makati City has better Japanese restaurants that are worth exploring. [more ]

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