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Eucalypt Restaurant at York's Fairmont Resort, Leura

5.0 stars


Eucalypt Restaurant for fine dining excellence

Eucalypt Restaurant at York’s Fairmont Resort in Leura, NSW, Australia is fine dining excellence. Their crusted lamb rack still makes my mouth water with the thought of its flavour.

It is an A la Carte fine dining from 6:00pm-9:30pm seven days a week. The atmosphere is warm with seating inside or on the patio with views of the pools and beautiful grounds of York’s Fairmont Resort.

Entrees run from $18.00 to $22.00, Mains from $28.00 to $34.00, Desserts are $14.00 and sides are $5.50. There is a kid’s menu of minute steak, chicken nuggets and spaghetti at $12.50 a plate.

The staff are friendly and helpful with all your needs.

They are fully licensed, accept all cards and eftpos. There are vegetarian choices and halal certified options available upon request. Let the staff know when you are booking your seating that you require halal options so that they can be sure and have the items on hand.

The decor is very simple with mirrored cubby hole, mauve colours and artwork. The main dining room is small, but the enclosed patio is spacious and open. The outdoor patio is only used for special occasions and parties.

I’ve never been one much for fine dining experience, this is the exception. I really enjoyed my time at this establishment. I was so relaxed sitting on the patio and very pleased with the food and service. I wish there were other special dates that we could afford to eat here more often.

The chef has an outstanding way to displaying the meal just like I’ve seen on TV. I have heard of fine dining being too rich for the palate of the unrefined, but that is not the case here. The whole meal was well presented with great seasoning and aroma. [more ]

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Eucalypt Restaurant at York's Fairmont Resort Leura table set up
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