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Papa Dinos Family Restaurant, Katoomba

5.0 stars


Make a pizza dough character to bake while you eat

Papa Dinos Family Restaurant in Katoomba, NSW, Australia is as old style Italian that is alluring in its great food, choices, and the aroma gets you from the street.

It is a very popular place with families and YHA kids (who get a 10% discount), you may have to wait for a table. The smell of garlic fills the air, the decor is the Italian stone work and furniture with lighting that accents the whole affect perfectly.

There is a large menu of different pizzas, steaks, salads, pastas and crepes. There are numerous gluten free and vegetarian choices to suit even the pickiest taste. Vegetarian examples are the minestrone soup, avocado vinaigrette, Puttanesca pastas, and Napoleana pastas. They brag that they are the largest steak offering in town that will fill a “man’s” appetite.

They open at 5 pm and generally stay open to 10 or 11pm. They accept all cards, fully licensed and have seating available inside and out.

Entrees run from $5.50-$18.50, mains $13.00-$34.90, desserts $5.50-$11.00 and sides $5.00 to $7.00. There is no kid’s menu, but portions can be altered to suit their size and appetite. Their Bruschetta salad is excellent and every pizza scrumptious. The dessert that is ecstasy is the chocolate kiss; a Belgian waffle with chocolate ice cream and cream. My weakness is the coffee, they serve the largest glass in town for only $3.30. The coffee together with the chocolate kiss is like waiting at heaven’s gate.

For kid’s entertainment while waiting for the meal, there is a unique activity. They are given a glass of dough and a small rolling pin. The kids can make whatever creature, monster, animal that they like and then the staff will bake it for them to take home. I would even like to do that sometimes. [more ]

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Papa Dinos Family Restaurant Katoomba
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